Ddt Argumentative Essay

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DDT should not be used because it is harmful to animals, humans, and the environment. DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) was first thought as helpful but was later found out to be harmful to many organisms. This injurious chemical caused disasters among all abiotic and biotic organisms in the environment.
DDT is a pesticide that is deleterious to a majority of living organisms. When humans are exposed to DDT, different conditions can erupt. For example, DDT was banned in 1972 for causing the Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, kidney and ovarian diseases. DDT has also been found to cause early pregnancy loss because of the damaging it causes to the reproductive system. I know this because I have read it in the article “The Effects of DDT on Organisms and their Environments.” Furthermore, DDT cause infertility in men and women. Recent studies have found DDT to be carcinogenic, or able to cause cancer. It increases the risk of breast cancer when exposed in utero or while in the mother’s womb. It is clear that DDT can be destructive the human population. …show more content…

During World War Two, it was used to control diseases such like malaria and typhus among troops. However, it was soon found to cause the thinning of different bird’s eggs. The thinning caused the shell to crack under the mother’s weight, causing the unborn chick to die. In addition, DDT affected different marine animals from it running into streams and creeks that lead to the ocean. Furthermore, DDT has caused birds, such as the peregrine falcon, to become endangered. If it weren’t for the DDT ban, many birds would be extinct now. I know this because the ban for DDT is explained on Wikipedia. DDT not only can be harmful to humans, but many other animals as

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