Dea Is A United States Department Of Justice Enforcement Agencies

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The Drug Enforcement Administration also known as DEA is a United States Department of Justice law enforcement agency. Their purposes is to enforce the law to stop the sale of illegal drugs, drug trafficking, investigate major crimes within the United States and internationally, and to secure and protect our communities from ever confronting drugs. D.E.A. also cooperates with many major law enforcement agencies such as federal, state, local, and overseas law enforcement agencies to stop criminals from smuggling drugs in our territory and help the people from getting involved with drugs. Other responsibilities include investigating major crimes, carrying out mission, and detain drug traffickers operations in interstate and international …show more content…

The United States have declared that it is doing its best to combat the war on drugs. The drug problem has not stopped and the people continue to buy drugs no matter what circumstances they are obtained. With drugs prices rising, people are willing do anything to get drugs even if it leads them to become involved in criminal activities such as robbery. The money and military activity have not been enough, and the “urban problem,” has not been resolved. The United States has the largest demand of drugs in the world. While other countries also face the drug problem, the United States has spent the most money and law enforcement; however, its effectiveness is questionable. Consequently, now there is a great amount of drugs coming from Mexico’s borderline into the United States. The drug cartels have become more violent, killing Mexican officers and innocent people in order to smuggle their drugs. The United States needs more security control and better coordination between agencies to fight the violent Mexican drug war spilling across the southern border. There is not enough organization between the D.E.A and other groups such as the Department of Homeland Security. The United States has little hope of winning the war unless enough protection on the border and Border States are developed. The agencies need better coordination between the federal, state and locals agencies in order to prevent more drugs to cross

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