Dead Men's Path Literary Analysis

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Many literatures have different conflicts that are rooted from one person. Then it evolves into multiple conflicts amongst others. “Dead Men’s Path” by Chinua Achebe shows a conflict between a headmaster name Michael Olbi and villagers. A garden at the school is blocking the path to a very special place. Where villagers go. “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker shows conflict between Mama, Dee, and Maggie. Dee wants to take the quilts away from her home, but Mama already planned to give the quilts to Maggie. Both literatures are relatable to readers. However, one literature shows a stronger connection readers can relate too. “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker distinguishes a more relatable conflict to modern day readers than “Dead Men’s Path by …show more content…

Olbi wanted the school to be modernized. Readers cannot relate to this because the majority of people respect each other’s beliefs. People know their boundaries when dealing with people’s beliefs. Also, schools are already modernized.
External conflict gives readers in-depth on how the character deals with the antagonist. “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker external conflict is man vs man. The sister rivalry between Dee and Maggie. Dee always gets what she wants and Maggie would be ok with it. When Dee asked to take the quilts, Maggie becomes sad. Modern-day readers know Maggie is not outspoken like her sister. Which is why some readers can connect because they may not be outspoken like Maggie. Mama comes into play with man vs man when she has to choose which daughter gets the quilts. Megan Hart says, “a gut feeling suddenly when she sees the look on Maggie’s face as Maggie tells Dee she can have the quilt. Mom decided to finally take charge and stand up for Maggie. She decides its Maggie’s Turn, her turn for something” (81). Readers can connect with this conflict because a person doesn’t deserve to take something valuable from their family. When they haven’t appreciated their culture. Also, readers can relate to Mama because she finally realizes Maggie deserves the quilts. Maggie appreciates her culture. “Dead Men’s Path” by Chinua Achebe external conflict is man vs nature. Michael

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