Dead Sea Scrolls Research Paper

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The Dead Sea Scrolls are considered by many to be the single most important archaeological manuscript find of the twentieth century. The Scrolls were not written by or for Christians, because of this it sheds light to better understand the historical context of early Christianity in many ways. The Dead Sea Scroll has enabled scholars to gather an immense amount of information about how the Bible was written, and how it was transmitted from generation to generation. The Dead Sea scrolls are ancient religious writings found in eleven caves eight miles south of Jericho, in the ruins near the site of Qumran. A Bedouin shepherd named Muhammad Edg-Dhib in 1946 discovered the first of the scrolls and they continued to discover more text till 1956 (Vermes, Geza). The Dead Scrolls are a collection of some 981 texts; radio carbon dating suggested the date the scrolls were written was around 33 c.e with a 10 percent margin of error (Vermes, Geza). But improvements in the radio carbon dating techniques suggest the majority of the Dead Sea Scrolls was written between the 2nd century BCE and 2nd century CE. (Lim, Timothy H., and John J. Collins). Out of the 981 text found in the site of Qumran, the majority of the Dead Sea …show more content…

2 “There are 225 Biblical texts included in the Dead Sea Scroll documents, or around 22% of the total” (Fitzmyer, Joseph A). The Dead Sea Scrolls were so important to Christianity because until the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947, the oldest Hebrew text of the Old Testament was the Masoretic Aleppo Codex, which dates back to 935 A.D (Scanlin, Harold). According to The Dead Sea Scrolls and Modern Translations of the Old Testament the Scrolls predated the Masoretic Aleppo Codex by about one thousand years. Why are the Dead Sea Scrolls so important to the OT and how d owes it affects it what new knowledge do they provide

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