Deadly Diseases: The Panama Canal

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The Panama Canal is an extraordinary landmark that leaves people in complete amazement. The story of how it came to life is amazing. In the beginning, the United States. used lots of explosive dynamite to blow through the tough, hard rock that made up the landscape. The United States used lots of metal, silver railways in an effort to carry lots of material towards the canal. They used an advanced system called “locks.” This system worked by propelling water under boats to raise them over the mountains. The miners used old- fashioned, rusty shovels and pickaxes.Furthermore, the United States created a massive dam to prevent the camps from flooding and as a way to store excess water. The Panama Canal was a difficult project to complete. There were many obstacles along the way. Firstly, there were a lot of deadly diseases derived from the mosquitoes. The two main diseases were Malaria and Yellow Fever. Working conditions were very harsh. There were a lot of nasty, muddy swamps that the workers stood in while mining. Additionally, this project was very expensive. Not to mention, the treacherous jungles contained dangerous bugs and pesky trees. There were also floods that destroyed camps and work sites. The mud slides, caused from the massive amounts of rain, were lethal. They were unpredictable, which made them even more deadly. …show more content…

The new connection made product trading easier and more productive. Boats no longer had to go all the way around South America. Unfortunately, the project did not come without consequences. Over five-thousand lives were lost because a cure for yellow fever had not been created yet. The United States began to thrive after the creation of the Panama Canal and has continued to do so ever

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