Is Deadpool an Anti Hero?

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Heroes have been around since the beginning of time, whether they are good or evil. A hero that comes to mind that are both of those things is the one and only, Deadpool. Deadpool is considered an anti-hero to many because his actions are bad, but they help society become safer. Basically, his job is to kill people that may cause a burden to society and bring them down. By killing these people, it makes society feel safe knowing they will not be bothered by bad individuals. Deadpool is on the anti-hero journey, meaning he "ventures forth from the world... and comes back from his mysterious power to" give favors to the people in need (Indick). Deadpool has two very specific archetypes; the trickster and the fool. These archetypes form who the individual is as a person and gives him character. The decisions made by this anti-hero affect his archetypes by being extremely taunting and self-centered. As stated, Deadpool is definitely an anti-hero, but also could be considered a byronic hero. An anti-hero is "a …show more content…

People need to count on heroes for a sense of safety and relief of the world around them. Some may believe that heroes bring safety into the world because they save lives and work hard to keep everyone safe. Also, heroes can restore faith into society by giving it a boost of confidence or make people more nice to others. But most importantly, society needs more heroes. Most of the worlds society are into the anti-hero more than just a regular hero. Anti-heroes are a fantasy and that is why people see them mostly in movies. That type of hero is not suited for a real life society in need of help. Society is longing for a good type of hero to protect and serve for the greater good. But in reality, we will never get a "super hero" to save the day. Even though Deadpool is not an average hero, he has done his society some good by protecting them from people who bring harm into their daily

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