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Calley Hagen
Matt Montoya
English 101
14 October 2014
A Response to Stephen Garrett’s “Why We Love TV’s Anti-heroes” In the reading, “Why We Love TV’s Anti-heroes” by Stephen Garrett, he points out that anti-heroes are becoming more popular than the traditional hero. Garrett states, “the word hero is abused in the news, the sports reports, and even in conversation” (318). For example tabloids recognize someone who battles a drug addiction and overcomes it or a substitute kicker for the football game kick the winning field goal (318). You see he argues that traditional heroes are “boring” and that there are no longer any more real heroes (318-321). Anti-heroes are characters or people who are just evil but still get the viewers to like
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In their eyes she did all this because she loved him and she just so happened to break about every rule in the hospital and ruin the chances of someone else getting the heart that they deserved. As you can see she is not a cold case murder like some of the other anti-heroes that you know of but she still does things her own way to get what she wants. In a way she is doing the right thing by trying to help out the one she loves but she is risking her whole career and ends up killing the man. When I think of anti-heroes I think more of Stephen form The Vampire Diaries, he is a vampire who is a couple hundred years old and he is living in our present time. He falls in love with Alena a normal small town girl, he has all the right intentions to keep her human and protect her from the other vampires who are out to get her. However in the process she ends up getting turned into a vampire and getting her heart broken by Stephen. The roles played in Grey’s Anatomy are nothing like that however, they fit the anti-hero role by being liars and being deceiving. While talking about anti-heroes and why they are taking over TV made me agree with Garrett, traditional heroes do get boring because in the end they always win. I do believe that there are still heroes in our modern world, we have soldiers fighting for the freedom of our country, no they don’t have super powers but they are still doing the right thing to protect the people that they love. With anti-heroes it is very

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