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Takia Clayton 4/15/ 2010 ASL Research Paper Deaf Like Me By Thomas S. Spradley James P. Spradly Epilogue By Lynn Spradley Deaf Like Me is a story compiled together by Thomas and James Spradley. It is a compelling story about two hearing+ parents struggling to cope with their daughters overwhelming deafness. This powerful story expresses with simplicity the love, hope, and anxieties of all hearing parents of deaf children. In the epilogue, Lynn Spradley, herself, now a teenager thinks back about different times in her life growing up deaf. She reflects upon her education, her struggle to communicate, and the discovery that she was the inspiration and the main focus of her father's and uncle's book collaboration. Deaf Like Me is a…show more content…
It was unsuccessful because it was not really proving whether or not their daughter can hear. Concerned, they took Lynn to the doctor. The doctor explains to them that, although they were anxious that they couldn't test Lynn until she was at least 2 years old. Not happy with the doctor failing to diagnosis, Louise pressed on and got a second opinion. The at the new doctor is where Louise found out that she was definitely deaf. Louise disheartened by the news did what she thought was to be medically best for her daughter, and had hearing aids made for Lynn. Yet still teaching Lynn to lip read so that she can be oral. Through the years with lots of practice Lynn became very skilled in lip reading. Lynn did become a very good lip reading after a while. Louise was informed by doctors and Friends not to use gestures or sign to Lynn but to only talk to her and treat her as a normal child so that she someday may become oral and learn to speak. Lynn now at age 5 still could not talk as they expected. From the ages of 3 to 5, Lynn had now been enrolled in an oral school. Lynn loved attending although after a while she began to have problems.
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