Dealing With Metaphysics

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What is metaphysics? Metaphysics is the study of ultimate reality. Dealing with metaphysical this came from Aristotle. Philosophically speaking, it studies the objects to determine the real nature of things. Between now and then, the society has become more advanced and smarter. How do the people in current time see reality? How did the people back in
Aristotle’s time see reality? While time progresses, the world will change altogether. Also, with the society and the way we see things tend to change as well. What traditional metaphysical issues seem important today?
In today’s society, reality can be different to certain people. It can also change on a daily basis. According to Aristotle, the choice of one theory over its rival is not in any …show more content…

Coming from the physics side of Aristotle’s thought, “The more tangible things are considered to be the most real things” (Solomon p. 81).
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Dealing with metaphysics comes from nature which always has a reason for it. In todays’ reality I think it still has its reason. Since technology is big in our time, how did iphones come about? Well iphones had to come from apple and apple had to come from somebody that thought of it and whoever thought about it had to have gotten from the inventors that invented the first telephone and so on. Aristotle always had a chain reaction for his reason. Change is also a part of reality and metaphysics. Reality is subject to change. Change is a part of reality
The example that is used in the book about the table and chairs, they are not primary beings because Aristotle thinks of primary beings has their own nature. With us being humans our nature is to live on earth but if we don’t have oxygen and blood flowing through our veins then we cannot live on earth; which goes back to the chain reaction. Aristotle’s thinking made sense. Throughout life people go through living asking why. He is the answer for some of

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