Dear 9th Graders Summary

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Most of the time when the word "college" to the mind of most freshman in the United States think to themselves "Ohhhh no college isn't for me it's for "smart" kids and the kids that can read codes on a computer and find a virus and destroy it". After reading Scott Anderson's "Dear 9th Graders" I have learned that all the myths about applying for college do not have any business to be in our brains as a freshman. As a freshman all we should worry about right now is our grades and enjoying the time that we have in highschool because you only live once. For example, in Scott Andersons article he states that most myths about the "college admission process run rampant in our culture, and one of the most unhelpful--and potentially unhealthy --is that you better start polishing your credential in the 9th grade is you want them to shine by the time you're a senior. This quote from Scott Anderson's article is trying to tell you that you don't need a 4.3 GPA to get into a college. All you need is to try to prepare yourself for any obstacles that can and will happen, set reasonable goals, and give it all you got in every single class or activities that you do and you will be…show more content…
They are about building knowledge and character.” and I agree with Scott because lately I have thought about how I should get into college all the time because we had six kids in the house and money's pretty tight. So scholarships for sports and grades was the main thing on my mind for a long time. Soon I started to get way to overwhelmed about the processes of college and polishing my credentials that I started to just not care about anything or any class that I was taking. The thought of college soon began to exasperate me. I soon learned that I needed to that “The choices you make this year will influence the choices you are able to make
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