Dear Mom And Dad,. I Completely Understand Why You Are

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Dear Mom and Dad, I completely understand why you are concerned about my use of marijuana not only for the well being of this family but also for my own health and future. I definitely understand your concerns, but you need to understand that you grew up in a completely different generation than me. Marijuana use is very common now days not only in The United States but all around the world. Many people who you interact with every day have at one point in their lives or even currently smoke marijuana, yet they are still able support their families, have a steady job, and even in my situation get a good education. One of the reasons you haven 't realized this is because there are no long term effects and while on the drug most people are …show more content…

Now I understand that the two of you believe that marijuana is a “gateway drug” but I have done excessive research and I can assure you that it is in in no shape or form a “gateway drug”. The gateway theory argues that because heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine users often used marijuana before graduating to harder drugs, it must be a “gateway” to harder drug use. The theory implies that there is a causal mechanism that biologically sensitizes drug users, making them more willing to try and more desirous of harder drugs. Yet the gateway hypothesis doesn’t make sense to those who use marijuana or have used in the past. Research shows that the vast majority of marijuana users do not go on to use hard drugs. Many users compare their daily cannabis habit with dependency on caffeine. The UK Department of Health say "Cannabis is a weakly addictive drug but does induce dependence in a significant minority of heavy users." If you are a regular cannabis smoker (every day) and you stop smoking, you will experience some of the following withdrawal symptoms: restlessness, irritability, mild agitation, insomnia, nausea, sleep disturbance, sweats, and intense dreams. These symptoms, however, are mild and short-lived, lasting 2 to 4 days.” With such negligible withdrawal symptoms, it is not surprising that quitting marijuana is so easy, especially for someone with very strong will power, such as myself.

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