Dear Simon,. As Your Legal Advisor, I Will Be Advising

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Dear Simon, As your legal advisor, I will be advising you on the basics in which a contract under English law is made. A contract is a voluntary agreement reached between parties giving rise to obligations that are enforceable by law. It can be written or verbal. For this to occur, there must be an agreement between the two parties, these are the offeror which is you, Simon, and the offerees, whom are Beyoncé and Jay Z. It would be you the offeror who makes the offer to Beyoncé and Jay Z. As the offerees, they are the ones who would decide if they accept or decline the offer simply due to them being the offerees. Contracts are made up of four components and these are: 1- Offer 2- Acceptance 3- Consideration 4- Intention An agreement …show more content…

So, it 's important that the offer which you make contains all the items that will serve as a "blueprint” for the final sale but also any agreement made without consideration is considered as void. It must be noted that there are two types of statement which may be confused with a legally binding offer these are invitations to treat or statements in negotiation. An invitation to treat, by which a person does not make an offer but invites another party to do so. Whether a statement is an offer or an invitation to treat depends primarily on the intention with which it is made. An invitation to treat is not made with the intention that it is to be binding as soon as the person to whom it is addressed communicates his assent to its terms. (explain relevancy how relevant is it to Simon ). Secondly, acceptance which is a final and unqualified expression of consent to the terms of the offer and it is made up of three parts. If it is to form an agreement, an offer must be accepted in accordance with its precise terms. It must exactly match the offer and all terms must be accepted. It must be firm this means that acceptance must be unconditional although counter offers can be made to try to negotiate price. It also must be communicated to the offeror as this part of the acceptance means that the communication can only be held by an authorized person to be effective, this can be seen in the case of POWELL V LEE (1908) 99 LT 284 in which Powell was informed that his job

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