Death And Dying : The Death Of A Dead

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For humans, experiencing the death of a loved one can be very difficult to overcome. The study of death and dying definitely provokes emotions that can alter individual’s lives. Many studies have made discoveries concerning death and its connection to emotional stimuli. However, in a collaborative effort to associate the occurrence of death to emotions, we in turn centered our study on the five stages of the grieving process and its association to the culmination of the human lifespan development, more commonly known as death. While there is quite an array of research associating the process and aftermath of death to distinct factors, this study examines factors that can assist bereaved individuals to the final transition of acceptance of…show more content…
A patient’s loved one also experiences some stages once their loved one has passed away. In general, we utilized these stages to formulate a study in the form of a questionnaire that included questions based on the stages pertaining to the factors of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. In an effort to further investigate the aspects of coping mechanisms, the research instrument also contains factors that personalize or have an input in the process of coping with the process of bereavement. These factors encompass elements of a religious or spiritual significance, as well as activities, and items that provoke memories. In the end, it was hypothesized that men would handle death differently than women, and vice versa. In connection to coping mechanisms, Cristea, Sucala, Stefan, Igna, David, and Tartar (2011) conducted a study regarding expectancies and hopes, and their response to distress and positive mood in cardiac patients who would later undergo cardiac surgery. The participants were asked questions in regard to distress, positive mood, trait optimism, expectancies, and hopes. This study focused on expectancies and hopes that eventually have been shown to have an impact on the level of distress a patient undergoes when they are faced with a health issue that can lead to death. The study concluded that individuals
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