Death In The Black Death

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Deprivation is an understatement for what struck London in 1665. Disease and plague drastically fled all throughout Asia, North Africa and Europe until it hit London. The Black Death lasted from 1350 and intermittently came back killing half of the population. The plague started with an infected rat flea that contained Yersina Pestis bacterium. This infection not only was found in rats, but dogs, cats, squirrels, chipmunks and mice. Since antibiotics weren't invented, treatments they tried to use were ineffective and useless. Everyone was in a chaotic state, trying to be free from this awful death that surrounded them, or cure it perhaps, but it was unsuccessful. Until one day, a fire burned bright and vast all through London and the crippling buildings and state also led to a solution to end sickness and bring new life to London. London was in chaos. Not only mentally and health-wise, but physically. The great fire started in 1666 and burned viciously for about five to six days burning one-hundred houses every hour. Fires in London had been frequent over the years, so many had created ways to diminish the fire before it spread. However, they were quite unprepared when it came to this great fire. The weather at the time had been very scarce in rain, helping the fire continue its route faster and catching dry buildings rapidly. It destroyed 13,200 houses and 87 parish churches, along with various other places surrounding. Only 6 deaths were reported, however rural areas

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