The Black Death : La Mort Bleue

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La Mort Bleue
The Black Death was named due to its physical manifestation and its effect on history and the society. The complete number of deaths attributable to this devastating pandemic was 75 million people which is ⅓ of Europe's population (“History of the Bblack Ddeath”). The Blue Death or “La Mort Bleue” is what the French called this bubonic plague. The Black Death was characterized by painful swelling in the lymph nodes known as buboes so it was generally considered to be an outbreak of the bubonic plague. The term black also referred to downhearted or grim because of the devastating effect this disease had on everything the victims felt was god given (“History of the Bblack Ddeath”). The name La Mort bleue is its own placeholder in history along with the society all over the globe especially Europe, specifically because of emotional and traumatic distress along with art and musical influence which made the bubonic plague a historic event to always be remembered and hopefully never repeated.

La Mort Bleue was the beginning of change in culture, attitude and the overall lifestyle in Europe. It is said that the plague brought about unusual behavior in select religious individuals through self harm and artistic overviews of things they felt were right or necessarythis paragraph should only be about emotional and traumatic distress . An example of this is when a group of individuals known as the Flagellants traveled from town to town beating themselves and inflicting

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