Death Penalty: An Effective Element of The Justice System Essays

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What do you think goes thru the mind of a killer, like Jonathan Nobles from Steve Earl’s “A Death in Texas”, who brutally murder innocent people? Killers like Nobles disregard the gift of human life and violate people’s right to live. The death penalty is a necessary element in the judicial system to not only prevent the offender and others from committing a similar crime again, and to relieve the never ending flow of criminals that fill the prisons, but also most importantly to punish the heinousness of the crime and to provide closure to the victim’s loved ones.
One need for the death penalty is to prevent the killer or others from committing murder again. Someone might think twice before committing murder if they knew they were going to receive the death penalty for it. According to; Texas, a strong supporter and implementer of the death penalty, has a lower murder rate than Michigan, Illinois, and New Mexico, all which have no death penalty implemented. Also by applying the death penalty to the killer society and victim’s families know, for a fact, that they will not repeat their crime. When Jonathan Nobles received the lethal injections everyone knew for, an absolute fact, he could never murder again. This peace of mind is something both the victim’s family and society needs.
A big problem in America’s criminal justice system is over population. Overcrowding is present in every state and causes more problems for prisoners and prison…