Death Penalty: Unconstitutional Or Also Murder

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From the inmate's family perspective, I believe the death penalty is not only unconstitutional but also murder. It is not right that the state is attempting to punish a man for murdering an individual by murdering the guilty; two wrongs do not make a right. No matter what you say, capital punishment is murder, and if the state does this, then you are no better than him. The death penalty does not bring loved ones back, and humankind has no right to take an individual’s unalienable right to live and disguise it as retribution when in fact it is vengeance (Hendrix & Inciardi, 2013). It is our right, “To fight evil, specifically those violating inalienable rights of others or oneself.” (Fischer, 2015, slide 22). You stated Exodus 21:12 as an argument
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