Death With Dignity Law Research Paper

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left alone by their doctors when the suffering becomes unbearable and use of the law is requested. “The most significant impact of the death with dignity law in Oregon has been to improve the care for all dying patients, by increasing awareness among doctors, allowing an open and honest conversation, improving pain management and palliative care, and providing patients with a sense of control and peace of mind.” Doctors are being aware of the causes and the good tis law really is, it is highly improving so many things dealing with life and health. A patient who is suffering intolerably needs the assistance from someone who will be there to help them in their end of life decision.
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People are suffering from incurable debases or illness that can be very brutal to the patients end of life. When a patient is incurable and has the news that their end of life is extremely near, less than 6 months or in between. The patient might suffer longlines or sadness due to them having to leave behind everything they love, it’s very sad that they have to die but the pain makes and drives the patient to go with the death with dignity law that makes it easier for them to plan their death in a much better way without suffering any longer. While patients get a period of 15 days before they can proceed with the law the patient might suffering from emotional problems in between those last 15 days if they do not change their mind about the law. To provide less suffering and to give more freedom to that individual is all they are asking for. If only people could have more freedom and liberty as to decide when you get to …show more content…

Even though the law is only in few states it can be known to those who believe in liberty and in freedom at making end of life decisions. Rd. Kevorkian’s invention of his machine increased confusion about whether he was assisting suicides or weather he was actively participating in helping patients who were suffering from an illness. His suicide machine was designed out of house hold items and parts that he had found at home e and garden stores. His machine involved 3 liquids and a timer, once a patient was hooked up on the machine the patient could pull the button and start the flow of drugs into the human body and system, this kind of involvement serves a point as Rd. Kevorkian served in prison a sentence that was 25 years or more but was released after 8 years continuing his death mission he died at the age of 83. The fact that people went to him because they knew he could help them with any possible matter of the patient having the right to die was automatically the best for them, people deserve to die at peace and make decisions for themselves and not the government deciding for them. Suffering in pain is not right. The death with dignity law should be established in the whole United States. Its only fair if somone who is dying has that option to choos for themselves, even if their young its them who wish to take that choice and decision but the fact that only few

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