Debating Same-Sex Marriages

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From the point of view of Gallagher, marriage is to give a child a mother and a father and to raise them in the best environment possible. She argues that when men a women have a kid and are not married or stay married the family structure falls apart and then is when many bad things happen to more kids like: poverty, welfare dependence, child abuse, sexual abuse, physical illness, infant mortality, homicide, premature and promiscuous sexuality, juvenile delinquency, educational failure, conduct disorders and adult criminality and many others. This is also when children suffer and communities pay the consequences with crime. This is why she thinks that having a good family structure meaning one father and one mother is so important. She…show more content…
But I do agree with Gallaghers argument towards homosexual marriages having kids, they should not be allowed to have or rise kids period; because this would cause a great impact on the kids life socially and confusion mentally. Society is really cruel and ignorant and for sure a kid that has two moms or two dads will have a hard time at school or social places. If we relate these to interracial marriages it does sound like the same thing, and I know for sure that people made fun or bother kids that had parents that weren’t the same color but after many years society is over that and I’m sure that same thing will probably happened if homosexual marriages start having kids now. But let’s face it, it would take a lot of years to pass until society becomes used to see homosexuals walk in the streets holding hands or kissing and mean while kids would be suffering. There has to be another way of doing it, I don’t agree with a kid having to suffer the consequences of this stupid society. Maybe if people are educated about homosexual relationships letting them know that there is nothing wrong with it, that it’s completely normal and that they should see it like any other couple. Again is not as easy as it sounds because this method might work with does that are open to new

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