Decathlon Cambodia Case Study

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VI. Case Study – Decathlon Cambodia Decathlon is an internal retail chain and brand for sport wears with headquarter based in France. Founded in 1976, this company designs, manufactures, and retails sport apparel and equipment (Decathlon, 2017). As for Decathlon Cambodia, the company plays a role as a production office, meaning that there is no retail here, but a production based location. Decathlon Cambodia has been operating for 5 years now and it has three main departments which are: Industrialization Production Leader (IPL), Supply Production Leader (SPL), and Quality Production Leader (QPL). IPL has the role in competing and auctioning for quotas from Decathlon International with other production based companies in Asia, such as Vietnam, …show more content…

HR for this company plays a role as a back office, meaning HR does not have a major role in the company, but just a small department. Decathlon HR recruits employees based on their personality and their ability to work in team, though those people are fresh graduates. Once a new employee enters Decathlon Cambodia, he is given a mentor to help him through the first experience at work. Plus, his manager will set up a schedule and procedure for formal trainings. On probation, new recruits in SPL and QPL will be trained informally everyday with assessment at the end of the day in order to assess his or her ability. As for IPL, there is an end probation assessment which the new recruits have to experience real situation when negotiate in auction for quotas from Decathlon International. For employees who passed their probation period, they will have access to two programs which they are called “MyProgress” and “DecathlonExchange.” With this access, employees are able to search for formal training abroad in order to improve their KSAOs. Nevertheless, the types of training to be selected will be discussed with their managers. As for Individual Development plan, at the beginning of the year, individuals are required to set up their

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