Decay Of Decay And Decay

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Introduction Isotopes are elements which have the same number of protons but different number of neutrons and these elements have same atomic number but different in atomic mass.because of their characteristic nature of producing radiation and their energies. Isotopes are used in various areas like industries, agriculture, medical field and research centers. They are decayed by emission of energy in the form of alpha, beta (electron) beta plus (positron) and gamma rays. (1) Types of radiation Alpha particles cannot be used for measurement from outside the body because they are such low penetrating power. A sheet of paper stops alpha particles. Beta particles have a modest penetrating power, thus they produce useful results in the area of their release, and they can be distinguished by sensitive counting tools. Block of wood stops beta particles. Gamma rays are highly energetic, and they can be readily discovered by radiation counters used outside the body. A thick concrete wall stops gamma rays. Radioisotopes are unnaturally produced unstable atoms of a chemical element which have a different number of neutrons in the nucleus, but the same number of protons and the same chemical properties. May live for only minutes. Their existence is measured in “halflives,” how long it takes for half of the isotope to disappear. (3) Radioactive products which are used in medicine are called radiopharmaceuticals. They are different from other medically used drugs since they

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