Declaring Independence From School

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I want to declare independence from school. This essay is meant to portray my feelings towards school and how pointless it is. There are so many other things I could be doing than being at school. I could be venturing out in the world and exploring new things and socializing with new people and participating in cool and extravagant events. Instead, for five days out of the week, for 9 months in one year, with only a few breaks during the school year, I, among many other people, are stuck inside this building doing the opposite of what I could and want to be doing with the 13 years of my life that school has taken away from me. I’m not sure what I want to do in my future, but I doubt it has anything to do with the outrageous subjects were learning …show more content…

They set so many rules to follow and continue to change them, which is hard to follow and most of the rules are stupid and irrelevant. They give a student a twenty minute detention after school if they’re late to school, even by a few measly seconds. I could be doing other useful things with my time than serving a pointless detention. They assign pointless bookwork that doesn’t even apply to what we are learning about at that moment in time. They don’t care about our feelings and just want to push more and more work on us and make us stressed out beyond belief. They don’t take into consideration that we have 7 other classes to worry about than just the one class we have with them. The food is disgusting, besides chicken patty. I could be eating gourmet cuisine on a beautiful beach or something, but i'm stuck in school eating puke on a tray. They will only let a certain number of people go the bathroom in one class period and yell at the student if they go when they’re not supposed to or if they go at a “bad time.” They assign multiple assignments at once that are about two totally opposite things which makes me, and probably the other students very confused, overwhelmed, and …show more content…

Following rules isn’t really my thing, and neither is school. I’m so fed up with teachers and rude people telling me what to do. Stressed is an understatement. School is more like a hassle to me than something I’m committed to and want to pursue every day. It’s holding me back from the great things I am capable of. I could be seeking out new adventures and travels, meeting new people, traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, and becoming the person I want to be, not what everyone else wants me to be. School shapes people into someone that isn’t really them. Everyone judges and puts labels on people that makes them actually the person everyone else wants them to be. School should be meant to study what you are into and want to pursue in the future. Since school isn’t like this and has so many rules to follow, assignments, due dates, projects, and students and teachers to deal with, then I would rather do what I want and explore to find what I want to do in the future. We the people of the United States declare ourselves independent from

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