Decline Of Education

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Technology is Not to Blame for the Decline of Education In today’s world, the internet is becoming an essential part of education, which is why there is much more access to it now, than there ever was before. Free internet can basically be found at every street corner, McDonald’s, and Starbucks across the United States; as an incoming college freshman, that is not something I would complain about. If I were a school superintendent or someone who worked at the United States Department of Education, I might blame the decline of math and reading scores in young children on free, unrestricted internet because they play too many games or watching too many videos. The internet and devices are not the problem, it’s the people who use them and how they were taught to use them. People, especially young children, should be taught to use their time on the internet wisely to learn something new and better themselves, rather than playing video games or watching television shows. As someone who was raised around computers, like many other in my generation, I can tell you that you need to be properly taught how to manage yourself when using a computer, since having the world at your fingertips can be tempting. I was lucky enough to have parents and an older brother who taught me how to use a computer at such a young age, but to also discipline me to do my homework before playing games or tell me when I was spending too much time on the computer. Not all children had the privilege that I

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