Deenie Fenners Essay Topics

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Deenie chronicles the life of 13-year-old Wilmadeene "Deenie" Fenner, whose mother is determined to have her become a model. At the same time, Deenie's 16-year-old sister, Helen, who is academically proficient, is being pushed by their mother, Thelma, to keep her grades up so that she can eventually become a doctor or a lawyer. One day, Deenie is diagnosed with scoliosis, and is prescribed a body brace to wear for the next four years. At the same time, Helen has fallen in love with Joe, a charming and romantic young gentleman who works for the family business, a gas station. Thelma, upset that her plans for her daughters are coming undone, has Joe fired and still exhorts Deenie to pursue a modeling career once she stops wearing the back brace. Fearful that …show more content…

The book concludes with Deenie asking her father, Frank, for permission to not wear the brace to Janet's party. Though Thelma is amenable to the idea, Frank, who, until then, was rather mute about everything, firmly refuses, rightfully pointing out that Deenie would want to not wear the brace for every special occasion thereafter if he gave in that night. In defiance, Deenie brings a bag with the outfit that would not fit over the brace to Janet's house, intending to remove the brace and change clothes once there, but she changes her mind and leaves the bag in Janet's room for the duration of the party. Other story arcs include Deenie's friendship with Barbara Curtis, a girl whose eczema alienates her from her other classmates, and Deenie's anxiety over whether her crush will still like her in spite of her back brace. Deenie is named after the character Natalie Wood played in Splendor in the Grass. The movie itself was mentioned in description in the book, though the name of the movie was not. by

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