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Bethany Poll 10/5/16 2nd hour Summer Assignment Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly: It is the day of Principessa Serafena’s dokimí and sixteenth birthday were she will be declared of Merrow’s blood, by Alítheia a bronze spider, songcast a complicated songspell and take her betrothal vows to Mahdi, crown prince of Matali, a guy she once loved but thought had turned in to a jerk. At the Dokimí all is going well until all of the sudden Miromara is under attack from above an assassin shoots an arrow inn to the chest of Regina Isabella, Serafena’s mom, and kills her dad. The royal Family of Matali, including Serafena’s best friend Neela Mahdi’s cousin, and Serafena are quickly gotten out of there. The place is still under attack from Blackclaw Dragons …show more content…

His family had seventeen children of which Franklin was fifteenth. When Franklin was older he began an apprenticeship in printing with his older brother James. Who later Franklin wrote letters to as Silence Dogood. In Philadelphia Thomas Denham brought Franklin into his business. When Franklin was 18 he went to London to earn money and get a printer so he could start a business back home. He later went back to Philadelphia and married Deborah Read. Franklin later joins the Freemason Brotherhood. Franklin got libraries built for common people and invented stuff like the Franklin stove to make life better. Then Franklin started getting …show more content…

After that Americans kind of did not want to be part of Britain any more, Philadelphians blamed Franklin for the stamp act and he was threatened by huge mobs. Then the English started seeing America as just another place to be ruled. After Franklin heard this he asked Britain about it in an anonymous piece. Slowly Franklin agreed to Americans’ opinion and was a Patriot. Soon after the Revolutionary War started Franklin was a fierce enemy of Great Britain. Then when the Treaty of Paris was created Franklin spent eight years in France which he enjoyed a lot. Then Franklin came home in 1785 and in 1787 went to the Constitutional Convention. Franklin died April 17, 1790. Benjamin Franklin: Franklin was a very ambitious person, for example He was born to a candle and soap maker. Then he ended up being a very famous diplomat. Franklin loved to read and he was the perfect build to be a printer. The trade of a printer was very fitting for him. When Franklin was young he read the Spectator papers, and used it for self-improvement. He did so many thing with the papers that he became a very good writer at a young age. Some flaw that Franklin had were that, especially during the Revolutionary War he had friends in Great Britain. Though that was also a great thing he had. Franklin was a very just and friendly person, people could easily get along with

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