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Deep Blue Sea is a pathetic attempt at a heart racing, action packed, adrenaline pumping thriller. The only thrilling moment of this multi million dollar catastrophe was the laughable special effects and far fetched plot. The film, set in a research facility at sea, is about a group of scientists developing a cure for Alzheimer’s. All hell breaks lose when the sharks escape and are out for revenge. Renny Harlin directs, with an all star cast starring LL Cool J as the wise cracking chef, Preacher, who adds much needed humour to this disastrous production.

I would class this film as a mixture of genres, thriller,
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It shows how these two groups cannot be mixed.

Aquatica is a remote research facility, where a group of scientists are researching a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. They increase the shark’s brain size to develop tissue which makes them smarter, faster, and more aggressive. The scientists remove brain fluid. They mix it with an Alzheimer’s patient’s brain cells and it re-activates it. When the cure is found, the shark wakes up and breaks free. When released back to the pen, the trio of sharks slowly pick off the scientists. As the characters are singled out, the suspense builds. The remaining scientists fight to reach the top of the facility. Will any of them survive this death race?

All characters add to the film but some actors’ contribution is more significant than others. For example, Susan McCallister (Saffron Burrows) plays a lead role and is shown as responsible for the research facility and its downfall. Technical expert Tom Scoggins, (Michael Rapaport) says ‘She screwed with the sharks, and now the sharks, they’re screwing with us’. She portrayed as a hated character and test audiences shared this opinion. In the original ending, she survives. This upset viewers and there were reports of people yelling ‘die!’ at the end of the film. Definitely not the response they were hoping for! Luckily this scene was reshot with an alternate ending, which proved popular with audiences. This was one

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