Finding Nemo Summary

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Summary Essay: Finding Nemo
This undersea movie is introduced with a married couple of clownfish admiring their new home by the drop off. While talking about their future plans and getting ready for their clutch of eggs to hatch, a barracuda attacks them, leaving Marlin, the husband, unconscious, a widower, and a father of one fish, Nemo.
The movie then transitions to years later on Nemo’s first day of school. While ecstatic to meet his classmates, teacher, and the independence of going to school, Marlin ceases to let Nemo go smoothly due to his fear of losing his only son and the worry of his “lucky” fin (an injury acquired from the barracuda attack). After such trauma, Marlin is known to be “scared” of the ocean, filled with anxiety, …show more content…

Shortly after
Marlin and Dory accidentally run into a bloom of jellyfish that nearly stings them to death; they wake up to see Crush, a surfer turtle, which takes Dory and him on the East Australian Current. In the current, Marlin shares the details of his journey with a group of turtles and his story spreads rapidly across the ocean and eventually reaches Nemo in Sydney.
When Dory and Marlin get to Sydney, Nigel, a pelican who happens to be friends with Nemo and the Tank Gang,

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