Film Analysis : ' Blackfish '

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Documentary Film Analysis: Blackfish

“Blackfish” the documentary film was created to reveal how confinement of killer whales can lead to dangerous behavior toward human trainers. The main claim this film displayed is how the captivity of Killer Whales triggers aggression and is unsafe for humans and other marine mammals. Blackfish uses the story of Tilikum (most aggressive killer whale who killed the most amount of Sea World trainers), interviews of previous trainers, and court hearings regarding OSHA and Sea World to support their claim. With all of the incidents and interviews provided in the film, my interpretation of what the Filmmakers purpose was to provide evidence and information explaining why there are so many deadly killer whale accidents. Viewers can take away enough information from this film to make their own opinion on Sea Worlds captivity of killer whales. The filmmakers of blackfish pieced together Tilikums story with different film footage, interviews with trainers who know Tilikum the most, and expert testimonies. It creates a great set up for their claim about captivated killer whales used for entertainment.
Blackfish is a shocking film that reveals a lot of information regarding Sea Worlds famous known “Killer Whales”. These enormous whales are highly trained by trainers of Sea World who perform for thousands daily. The film uses the tragic tale of Tillikum to support their many claims and an investigation of the Sea World

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