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1. What factor do you see driving Deere’s future revenue and earnings growth? What are some of the risks that could adversely impact future growth? Deere’s future revenue and earnings doing business outside of US and Canada. In 2011, 38 percent of net sales came from international which increase from previous year. The company sell product to distributor more than 100 counties internationally. New technology to improve on current faming equipment. Example would be GPS based system that operator to control multiple equipment in one field. Future growth may have impact on construction and agriculture, competition, R&D of products, manufacturing, marketing, patents, and raw materials. Note that economic weakness in other country, …show more content…

They issue more common stock and paid more dividends. All these show Deere’s company in general were not profit even thou net sales and revenues are up from previous year. This directly affected by due to sales of equipments, leasing, and expending business into different market rather than stay in general

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