Walmart 's Competitive Advantage Strategy

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Assessment of Walmart five force models: Walmart is one of Target Corporation 's closest rival which needs to address the pressure imposed by the external environment factors. Walmart has a global presence and broader market compares to Target. According to Panmore Institute (2015), Walmart lacks in negotiating term with buyers and suppliers that need a long-term strategy for withstanding intense competition. Further, it needs to address withstanding a substitute from online retailers, the substitution, and a new entrant. All these factors do affect success rate of Walmart and Porter Five Forces external factors analysis on the retail industry, makes it clear for long-term viability, and it needs to develop gradually. The competitive advantage strategy of the Walmart needa to continue since the strategy addresses the concerns on its rivals and any threat of new entrants. Being one of the largest employers, any investment or improvements in its human resource become competitive advantages. Walmart also has very strong technology that can be enhanced to automate its global supply chain, distribution and other internal processes (Panmore Institute, 2015). --
What are the driving forces of change in the industry in which your company competes? How has your company changed its strategy to address driving forces? --
Target Corporation compete a number of a non-traditional household creating a new market segment, product line expansion, increased quality products, clean and

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