Defense Of Mastery

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My theme for Defense of Mastery is “Life during WWII”. I have chosen to do this theme because it incorporates all of my core classes. I was going to create 2 models of Hiroshima before and after the bomb was dropped by the U.S. But instead I decided to create a small documentary about a woman who lived during WWII and experienced similar treatment than that of a Jew while in Germany under Nazi control. I will be interviewing her personally and asking her questions that relate to her life during the war. If I have time I will still try to create the model. My theme connects easily to all my core classes. For my history class it will connect with World War II, the effects of the war as well as the technology and economic boom it brought to the U.S. For my math…show more content…
Did you feel constantly afraid of what would happen the next day? How did you feel when your home got raided by Nazi troops? Research Questions When was the Nazi party Started? How did many Jewish people survive the war? When the war was over, by what percent was the Jewish population down by? What other reasons were people sent to camps? How bad were the U.S camps for the Japanese? Were any innocent Japanese killed or injured in the U.S camps? In order to answer these questions I will be using reputable and using Google to find those sites. For a few of my questions I will be asking someone who lived during WWII. To create my product I will be going to the person I will interview's house with recording equipment and a list of questions and asking them those questions. Then I will be editing it all together at home using my own software. I will be using Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint to make the presentation and I’ll be including images on the slides to keep audience attention. Then to engage my audience I will be having questions throughout the presentation and at the end while give prizes to the ones who get the correct
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