Definition And Concepts Of Art And Science Of Nursing

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A nurse’s job does not only consist of giving medications or assisting a physician during procedures. It involves other concepts that a nurse needs to understand in order to provide the best quality of care to the profession. In this paper I will discuss the following: the definition and concepts of art and science of nursing, how each of these concepts affects nursing practice based on literature, relate how they influence my current personal practice, identify the influences on the changing health care environment, and examine how my nursing practice has changed in the last five years. I will also discuss the strategies I have used to apply the art and science of nursing in my practice and identify the approach I will utilize after completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The nursing profession is a combination of art and a science which are two concepts that are very important in the nursing practice today. The art of nursing is defined as being mindful of what the patient needs emotionally and physically. In order to fully practice the true art of nursing, one must have compassion, a caring attitude, and good communication skills (Palos, 2014). Another definition of the art of nursing is having a personal connection between the nurse and the patient (Kostovich & Clementi, 2014). My personal interpretation of the art of nursing is to be aware of the patient’s specific needs; being physically present when they need you; respecting the patient and the family; and

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