Definition Argument Content And Ides

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Sabrina Musick Sonya Berry
1. The essay meets certain requirements, per the rubric, yet it portrayed an emotional connection to the reader in order to lure the reader in more to continue reading. The essay was written in a format which enlighten the audience comparing the United States and China and how certain matters at hand are handled regarding organ distribution. The writer’s research was informative and detailed in a manner, which captivated the audience to continue reading for clarity.
Definition Argument Content and Ides:
2. The thesis main point was about the sale of organs in an unethical manner, which the writer introduced in the forthcoming paragraphs. The writer introduced the nature of organ sales by comparing the U.S. and China, and how one service differs from the other in organ sales.

3. The writer did a great job of explaining the black market in foreign countries and how it affects those on the list waiting for an organ in in accordance with the guidelines of their nature. Medical cost, financial wealth, etc.).

4. In the order, for the writer to get streamline his point across he used comparison methods, so that the reader understood exactly the point which the writer was stating.

5. The information which the writer stated persuaded the audience to set back and think about how unethical measures are performed on humans to retrieve organs, at any cost.

6. The writer incorporated, supported information so that the audience understood the
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