Definition Essay: The Role Of Heroes In Our Life Today

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Martin Luther King Jr. once said , “No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for.” Today we live in an egoistic society; in which we have to remember who are actual heroes are. ‘What’s a hero?’, some may ask themselves.The qualification of a hero differs from person to person. Some people have an uncertainty about what defines a hero. A hero is an individual who altered someone for the better. Heroes, despite their fears, head into the unknown. The roles we play in our lives today, will affect us in the future. To begin with, a hero would go through any lengths to provide you with the security of safety. They will never let their situation define them. A hero is courageous. A hero always put other’s needs before …show more content…

Every 18 year old who signs up for the Marine Corps, every cop who joined the force is a hero. Every victim of bullying is a hero, they don’t give up and they fight back, turning hate into empowerment. Heroes are confident. Take Anne Frank for example, she was an optimistic, strong and selfless person even when times were rough. After years in hiding because of the Holocaust, Anne still believed in the humankind. She believed that people are really good at heart, and that it’s never too late to make a difference in the world. Even when Anne and her family were hiding due to the Holocaust, she never doubted the fact that she would get out alive. A hero should always be positive and that’s exactly what Anne did. She never gave up …show more content…

Soldiers who sign up don’t talk about how they are separated from their loved ones for a long period of time or how they have to jump in front of every grenade because duty calls. They talk about the pay, how they could benefit from being a veteran, not knowing a single thing to do, and of course loving their country. But that doesn’t make them a hero. What makes them even qualify for the term hero is knowing that they are willing to go through the worst kinds of pain or even die to save others. A hero never gives up. Unlike a coward, Mr. Barrett is a hero because he is a fighter. Mr. Barrett risked everything to honor and fight for his country. Mr. Barrett once stated that he fought for the lives of others. He saw the cruelty and the injustice things happening to innocent lives and that made him fight to the end. Mr. Barrett is my hero and there is definitely no question about it. He would stop at nothing until we feel the security of

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