Definition Of Freedom Essay

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To me the term “freedom” means being free to live your life in whatever way you wish. When I say this, I don’t mean when a high school kid finally moves out for college and doesn’t have to report to their parents every time they leave their dorm room. I mean how we are able to live a free life here in the United States of America. When we take a step back and look at all the different countries who are in poverty we need to realize how truly blessed we are. There are many different countries out there where the citizens don’t live a life of “freedom”. My definition of freedom could be very different than someone else’s definition of freedom. Freedom is a term that can have a different meaning for each individual sitting down at a table. …show more content…

Some might disagree because for certain people if you face the reality of your living situation you may never dream. It is hard for people who are born into povertyand know nothing else to be able to face their reality. For these people facing their reality might discourage them to never dream or become successful. It might be hard for them to set goals and aspirations for their future when they don’t even see a future for themselves. This isn’t the case for everyone though, you hear wonderful stories of people who have overcome their certain circumstances. A great example of someone who has defeated the odds is Ben Carson. Ben Carson’s mother is someone who grew up under-educated and dropped out of school during the third grade. Despite her situation she pushed Carson to do the best he could academically. This resulted in Carson getting on the academic honor society, putting himself through college, and becoming an exceptional neurosurgeon. Anyone can defeat the odds such as Ben Carson just as long as you work your hardest in every aspect.
Although, I see how some individuals might disagree with this quote, I still agree with it. Before anyone can dream, they must understand their reality and reality in general. It is hard for people to be able to grasp their own reality, but it is achievable. People need to understand the basics before they can improve the operation. People want

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