Definition Of Honesty In The Odyssey

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Cole Kilboy English 9 Volpi 29 Mar. 2017 The Price of Honesty Honesty is truly the best policy. Merriam-Webster defines honesty as being, “free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.” Some people view honesty as the foremost virtue in a trustworthy person. However, this world is tainted with many who deceive others to be revered, although when you turn around they will be divergent from your views typically lying to benefit themselves at the expense of your state. A common term for these people is a “fake” person or a “snake”. It is remarkably difficult to find a truly honest man, and when found, many are taken advantage of. This is often because some view them as a doormat who they use simply to get rumors, gossip, or information they need.…show more content…
In the Odyssey, honesty is most definitely not the best policy. In fact—as we learn when Odysseus idiotically tells Polyphemus his name and address. All the good guys tell lies: Telemachos sneaks away from his mom; Athene is constantly dressing herself up as some old man or other and even Penelope deceives many about Laertes' magically shrinking shroud. That's not even mentioning Odysseus, who's practically the king of lies. What makes all this deception acceptable to the gods? It's all for a good cause: reuniting Ithaca's First Family. In some rare cases, lying is appropriate. Very often the truth is very painful for many and is sometimes best kept hidden. Also, almost every business lies. I’m somewhat of a conservatist and believe capitalism is an appropriate and adequate way to run a country of our size and prosperity. Businesses have to lie and be secretive. There are some things that should be kept between management and if everyone could listen back to anything, they may become confused or concerned about the business. Also, completely telling the truth about their products could destroy a business’ sales and marketing…show more content…
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