Definition Of Leadership And Leadership Theories

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Task no.1.1:-Sum up the Leadership Theories:- Definition of leadership & leader , shows great influence and bonding with its theories. It is an ability of leader how he influence a group towards the achievement of a vision or set of goals. Leadership is also about coping with change. Leaders set a direction for future by making a vision of the future. Then guide people by easy mode of communication with this vision & inspire them to rule out the problems.
There are eight main leadership theories are exist practically.
Great Man Theories:- This theory assumes that great leaders are born, They cannot made. These theories say that in case of need great leaders, they lead from the front. Great man term was evolved because in military leadership only male leaders were present on that time.
Trait Theories:- Trait theory shows similarities with Great man theories, In trait theories specifically it has been assumed that people are born with certain qualities and characteristics. These make them better leaders from choice. It also shows specific personality or behavioural traits shared by leaders.
Contingency Theories:- Stoelhorst and Peter (2013) said that this leadership theory mainly focus on particular variables which shows the relation with the environment. This will indicates about what kind of leadership will be the most effective? This theory simply states that no theory is universal perfect but the implement of theories depends on the variability, it also
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