Definition Of Limit On Campaign Spending

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Justine Curcio Chapter 5 Test Gerry McGuire Limit on Campaign spending As there is not a limit to campaign spending, we run the risk of letting, in some cases, candidates buy the election. At first glance, this may not appear to be all too much of a problem. We would want someone with a lot of money in office, right? Apparently, a lot of people would have to support the candidate for them to raise so much or they would have earned the money themselves. Right? Well, not exactly.not only is the lack of limitation unfair and limits opportunity for a fair election, but it can bring out an otherwise exceptional candidates flaws. What do I mean by this? It can show how a candidate can become full of themselves when given power, or even …show more content…

The districts should represent the demographics of the states, but since there is nothing stopping it, these districts can be changed as many times as needed to get the desired outcome. This also opens up opportunity for bribery as the candidates could pay the office in charge of drawing out the districts to ensure success. More often than not, it is the Democrats who tend to draw the legislative and congressional district lines in favor of themselves. These districts are usually always approved by neutral scholars who say that the statistic is irrelevant because Democrats have the tendency to represent areas where people are less likely to vote, mainly under the idea that many congressional races are not seriously contested. Gerrymandering can be disguised in ways that would more than likely pass a court muster by the party which dominates a state legislature. “In the long run it is control of state legislatures and governors` offices, not court decisions, that will determine which party gets the reapportionment advantage.” The drawing of

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