Definition Of Privilege Essay

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“Privilege.” What really is a privilege? Do you even consider yourself privileged? Well, the word “privilege” means “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people” and whether or not you consider yourself privileged really depends on how you define the word and whether you take it for granted or not.
For those in poverty, the word “privilege” means having access to clean drinking water, having food to eat, being employed, having functional clothes, etc. These are not only privileges, but they are needed for human survival. However, what is considered privilege today is not a matter of survival needs, they are rather wants. Wants are things that entertain and satisfy us, things such as the new iPhones, new tablets, new computers, new clothing line, and any other exclusive things that are not needed for survival. In some parts of the world there are a lack of toilets, bathrooms, or even toilet paper for that matter. Food is worked for rather than bought, and everything is self-taught and self-serviced. Transportation is by foot rather than any transportation vehicle or even a bicycle for that matter. Today, these …show more content…

An article from and explains how about six to eight million people died each year due to not having access to clean drinking water. More evidence by shows that the average American used about 17.2 gallons of water in a given shower. Everyday 5.5 billion gallons of water is used and with that amount of water you can supply those eight million people for 1,380 days and that’s only the amount of water used in a shower per day in the U.S. Given the conservation of water and donation, we can save millions of people. If half a gallon is needed a day and with the donation of about $50 a day, and given half a gallon of water cost about .61 cents, we can save 164

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