Deforestation Is A Global Issue

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Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is the cutting or burning down trees. Two main reasons the Amazon rainforest is being cleared is for raising cattle and growing crops (Figure 1). This is because the production of beef and soy has increased.1 The Amazon rainforest is located in countries throughout South America. The area this report will look at is Brazil, which is the largest country in the region.
The majority of deforestation in the Amazon takes place in Brazil.2 There are major threats to the animals, plant life, the native people and to the entire Earth. Deforestation is a global issue as it is affecting everyone. A major factor which is increasing deforestation is a law in Brazil which allows a person to cut down 20% of the rainforest on their own land. With this law in place people will continue to destroy the Amazon rainforest. There has already been a major loss to biodiversity and a big change the water system as trees have been cut down and the river has been polluted.3 When the trees are destroyed, carbon is entering the atmosphere causing harm to the ozone layer.4 It is expected that by 2030 the whole rainforest will be destroyed.5 32% of the Amazon is under control of the government, and there are still companies or groups clearing the rainforest for their own benefit.6 Deforestation can be legal when large companies cut down trees but is illegal if individual people cut down trees.7 There are groups and organisations around the world who

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