Dehydration of Onion & Garlic - a Project Report

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and has logistic linkage with the rail, road and sea and airport to exploit the export potential. The location is just 25 Km from Manmad railway station, 65 Km from the Nasik city and 285 km from the Mumbai metropolis.

The principle of preservation by dehydration process is to remove the moisture content of a material to a level where microorganism may not be able to grow and spoil it. Dehydration of onion and garlic by sun drying is the oldest known method. Now modern techniques have been developed for dehydration. In this process, the dehydrated product has better flavor, color, aroma, re-hydration, acceptability, etc. in comparison to sun-dried dehydrated product.


Dehydrated onion is used as condiment and flavoring agent in manufacturing of tomato ketchup, sauces, salad, pickles, chutneys, meat sausages, masala breads and buns, breakfast food etc.,

Garlic in its raw form is used for spicing of vegetables, meat products and salted infant foods. Dehydrated garlic is used for aids in digestion and for absorption of food having a telemetric and antiseptic properties and used in some medicinal formulations. Garlic powder is utilized as spice additive, appetizer and flavoring agent in cooled and instant foods. Garlic powder has also now been established as an ayurvedic medicine for heart and rheumatic disorders. Garlic pills, pearls, capsules etc. are some of the popular medium adopted by pharmaceutical

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