Delhi’s Rain Basera - An Illusion of Urban Shelters Essay

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Delhi’s Rain Basera - An Illusion of Urban Shelters

Delhi’s concerns with the homeless in addition to the gigantic slum dwellings represent an urban phenomenon prevalent in many of the metropolitan cities across the globe. These get much worse in the advancing winter especially when there is an acute shortage of shelters as thousands march on to sleep on the chilly footpaths.
Stale and extremely unsanitary, the jam-packed Night shelters, incensed by the stagnant odor, precarious and an inhospitable environment, are shared simultaneously by a number of humans, dogs and cats alike. The flickering bonfire and the hostile winter under the Nehru Place flyover, at Sarai kale khan, the newly erected Okhla flyover, Dhaula Kuan, Chandni Chowk …show more content…

From the ‘Swami Vivekananda Night Shelter’, the ‘Butterflies’ to the ‘I.G.S.S.S’ along-with scores of vital organizations further devoted to the cause of Homelessness assess and curb the phenomena to a certain degree; however that probably is similar to pebbles tossed over into the mighty Brahmaputra.
From frosty promises to surprise inspections by its ministers; The AAP regime failed miserablyy w.r.t the reported deaths presumably due to the sheer and exuberant energy it devoted to appease the strong middle class. The Rain baseras erected recently by the Kejriwal government faced an acute shortage of water, medicines and basic civic amenities and were always over-crowded. The transformation of abandoned buses into rain baseras comforted with blankets and amenities past year seemed a certain success until the reported deaths rallied AAP’s entire campaign in the line of fire. The very particular issue of Night Shelters and the apologetic state of affairs past year created ripples in its ranks with the HC thrashing them as an expression of its displeasure.
Marxists interpretation of classes on the basis of relativity to the means of production leaves out this confronted class as practically class-less; one that hardly participates in the mainstream economic activities. The current puny figure of under-200 shelters will never accommodate the thousands of homeless this

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