Essay Homelessness in Canada

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Throughout this paper I will be discussing the issue of homelessness and how it is steadily becoming a more serious problem as time progresses. I will discuss issues that surround homelessness such as the NIMBY, not in my backyard, issue and how it is causing the homeless to not receive the help that they need. This is an issue that needs to change, but due to NIMBYism, it is very difficult create such change.

“One diverse population that has continued to increase over the quarter of a century is composed of people who are homeless” (Baggerly & Zalaquett, 2006, p.155). Homelessness has become a growing problem in society because more and more people are finding themselves to be homeless and not knowing where to turn. Many people do not …show more content…

“Change is inevitable and ongoing. Change occurs when a

sufficient number of forces heading in a similar direction coalesce to alter the behavior of the system on which they are operating” (Homan, 2008, p.50). If less people carried the NIMBY attitude, and more people felt the need to help the homeless, then change would finally happen. When a community comes together and agrees on a common goal, chances are they will reach that goal because everyone has the passion to obtain it. There is power in numbers, and the more people who agree on change, the more likely it will happen. This works the same way if everyone in the community carries the NIMBY attitude; no one wants the homeless in the neighborhood, so the chances of a homeless shelter, or a food bank, being placed in that neighborhood is very low. Since most neighborhoods carry this attitude, it puts a serious limit on where to place these services.

“Today … there is a growing crisis of women’s homelessness across Canada. The Canadian government has failed to explore the causes of women’s homelessness” (Rahder, 2006, p.38). This growing issue is caused by societies carelessness on the homelessness issue, and the lack of support to change it. Even the Canadian government does not see it as an urgent issue to address because, as stated above, they have even failed to

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