Dell : A Successful Entrepreneur

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consumer, put dell at a sales margin of $7.7 billion by the year 1998. Even though the industry was only growing at a rate of 5 percent during this time, Dell would be growing at an unbelievable rate of more than 50 percent! In the year 1999, Dell made his dream of competing with IBM come true by outselling not only IBM but also Hewlett-Packard with a whopping $12.3 billion in sales bringing internet sales to $30 million a day.
Dell has proven to be a very successful entrepreneur as well as manager in his own company. Not all business owners have been able to successfully manage and operate a company of that size. Through tough decisions and learning experiences, Dell has evolved into one of the best managers of the past 100 years and has …show more content…

Dell rarely has made non-ethical decisions and even started a charity foundation back in 1995 that he has invested tens of millions of dollars of his own money into. Dell’s positive influence in his employees and in his community keeps people wanting to be a part of the dell family.
Dell Inc currently employs a recent graduate of Texas ATM University, my sister, Taylor Shirey, as a Global Offer Master Data Senior Analyst. I was given the opportunity to interview her to see what it is like to work for Michael Dell first hand and be a part of the Dell family. When asked what it is like to work with Michael Dell, Taylor has nothing but positive statements to make. First off, Dell loves to help young professionals begin their career paths because he himself at one point of his life he was only a 19-year-old college dropout looking for a chance. “He is constantly promoting young professionals who are just getting started on their career path to learn new and exciting operations to help build themselves as business men and women.” (Taylor Shirey, April 9, 2017) This statement is backed up as “Michael is very easy to talk to and always has an open door policy for anyone and everyone” (Taylor Shirey, April 9, 2017) By managing employees in this manner and being a leader and role model, Dell proves to be one of the best managers

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