Dell Theory and Human Cost Essay

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Thomas Friedman observed that no two nations with a McDonald's franchise had ever gone to war with one another. Developing nations do not want to risk the loss of multi-national companies who venture into their markets and include them in their global supply chain. Although there are no givens and war is still possible, but economic globalization acts as a powerful preventive. Although this theory seems as such a foolproof concept there is still an issue at hand concerning who manufactures the products in the middle of the chain of supply. Workers are forced to work long hours under horrible conditions for nearly nothing. They live in cramped 3-bedroom hostels with twenty other people. With all these conditions that the workers have to …show more content…

These corporations make large sums of money despite the fact that the workers are the one’s suffering trying to produce their products under poor working conditions, for long hours, with small pay, while being denied their basic rights. Under a long list of violators Apple has been found guilty of such. Charles Duhigg and David Barboza’s article “In China, Human costs are built into an iPad” shines light on the terrible working and living conditions Foxconn’s workers must undergo each day. From a personal point of view, I believe the blame for the harsh working conditions outside of the US can be equally shared between three separate parties; consumers, US companies, and foreign manufactures. Consumers want the most innovative thing that can be produced. They want to have something that makes life more efficient and the only way that can happen is if someone continues to think of these ideas. US companies sit in their offices, and in meetings for hours and hours a day brainstorming on how to make the newest version of their products bigger, better, and more competitive. For example an iPad; Apple needs to continue producing their iPads with more advanced features, like one with better resolution, a front and back camera, one that is thinner, one that is smaller, one that can fold up and fit in your pocket. Multinational companies such as Apple are very sneaky with their work, they only change one aspect of their devices at a time to increase the longevity of the

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