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Case 27­ Delta Air Lines (2012): Navigating an Uncertain Environment FOF #1: Differentiation In order to compete in a price­sensitive industry, Delta Air Lines needs to focus on differentiating itself from competitors. By doing this, Delta is creating sustainability through customer retention and loyalty. To set itself apart from competitors like United Airlines and American Airlines, Delta needs to implement a program to improve customer service. Because of Delta’s poor service reputation, I believe that the company needs to primarily concentrate on offering superior customer service as a way to gain a competitive advantage. After Delta’s merger with Northwest, customer complaints increased significantly. In 2009…show more content…
The budget will also be used to provide extensive customer service training programs for all airline employees, not limited to flight attendants. To evaluate and measure results, management would use customer satisfaction surveys and blogs. 2. Improve punctuality­ Nothing generates customer loyalty like punctuality and reliability. Excellent on­time­arrival performance is a major competitive differentiator. To begin improving Delta’s punctuality, potential delay causes need to be identified. Next, efforts should be made to decrease and eliminate, when possible, any of these issues. Simple solutions might be to increase the amount of time allotted for passengers to exit the plane and the time between connecting flights. Lastly, on­time performance goals need to be established and measured quarterly. 3. Decreasing/eliminating baggage fees­ While baggage fees help to offset operating costs, consumers tend to be disgruntled and unhappy with the excessive fees. It may be unrealistic to eliminate them completely, but even if the fees were decreased I believe that consumer preference among competitors can be established. If Delta offered a value­added baggage service, rather than the industry standard, the fees might not be so unfavorable for customers. In an industry in which customers are likely to choose a product based solely on price, Delta needs to increase competitive

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