Democracy And Its Impact On Democracy

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How are they related to democracy, concepts discuss the procedures that make democracy possible. Democracy related to our lives by looking for the right thing to do, for every one of us have equality and freedom of speech, we could have multiple ideas it might change the ideology of the country, we also could related the democracy by looking at the facts. The facts are Free Elections, Political Participation, Civil Liberties, and Functioning Government. The democracy is one of the most common types of the government in the modern world. Which give us clear idea of who defied the democracy even in different countries. Moreover free elections could related to democracy by having free election that anyone could share his experience with the others and create an idea to fix any problem. Also this could direct a message to the citizen to know what the elections doing. Political participation, to each one who is adults and have some awareness of the social issues or votes. By participation we could have more diversity and through that diversity we could develop our economy and our awareness of different cultures. Civil Liberties, the essential of democracy and also important for the UN legally guarantees to all of the people. Civil liberties will include freedom of speech, because individuals allowed to communicate for their own different view in a debates from each others. Functioning Government, to establish a law that individual could respect and also to limited the power

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