Democracy Is A Pluralistic Democracy

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This essay explains the argument that a democracy for the few exists in America as presented by Michael Parenti in his textbook, Democracy for the Few. “ This country contains a diverse array of interest group, the United States is a pluralistic society, as is any society of size and complexity. But the proponents of pluralistic presume to be saying something about how power is distributed and how democracy works.” (Parenti pg.268) The United States is a pluralistic democracy because most government policies favor large investor interest at a considerable cost to the rest of the populace. The rich keeps getting richer, while the people living in poverty continues to grow. “ The government best serves those who can best serve themselves.” (Parenti pg.268) The government is all about money and often serves the privileged few rather than the general public. Wealth is the most crucial power resource, and when push comes to shove what holds the various elites together is their common interest in an economic system that makes sure of the accumulation of corporate wealth, and the privileged lifestyles of the rich. Wealth creates a “ pervasive political advantage and affords ready access to most other resources.” (Parenti pg.269) Big business influence as a system of power and controls much of the nation's economy. Since they control most of the nation's economy the government has an intimate relationship with it, and the goal of business becomes the goal of government. The goals

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