How Democratic Is The American Consitution?

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“How Democratic Is the American Consitution?” written by Robert A. Dahl is a novel that’s main purpose is to “suggest changes in the way we think about our constitution” (Dahl 2003, p.1). Robert A. Dahl revolves his book around a few questions. However, the main focus of all the questions are “why should we Americans uphold our constitution” (Dahl 2003, p.1)? This question is asked because he questions why we uphold something that was written more than two centuries ago. He also questions how democratic our society is because of our constitution. Dahl examines the fact that some Americans have no problem with the constitution as it is today and then he also states that some find it to lack in some crucial areas. Dahl explains that there are seven crucial areas in which the constitution lacks democracy. These include: slavery, suffrage, election of the president, choosing senators, equal representation in the Senate, Judicial power, and Congressional power. “How Democratic Is the American Constitution has many positive aspects to it. For example, this book contained an abundant amount of detail, well thought through ideas, knowledgeable facts, helpful graphs as well as surveys, and informative context. While reading this book, it was obvious that the author, Robert A Dahl, had clearly thought through all of this book thoroughly. This book clearly had an outstanding amount of time and effort put into it. One positive aspect of this book that I believe enhanced it

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