Democracy Of The Islamic States ( Iran Vs Turkey

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Democracy in the Islamic States (Iran Vs Turkey)
Democracy is a predominant authority regime that most countries both young and mature have adopted based on its accrued benefits. Defining democracy can be a daunting task as several countries may prefer to institute governing policies rather than adopt from other states (Rowley & Smith, 2009). The element of incorporating modified aspects of democracy is based on the difference in several factors that may range from religion, culture, to political ambition. Islamic states are considered complex as religion “sharia laws” play a prevailing role in the majority of the administration tasks conducted by the state. As such, Islamic countries defined by a democratic administration will prefer to integrate the alternative that will serve them best. This essay will evaluate two democratic regimes that were established in the Middle East, and further, discuss the factors that lead to Iran’s democratic failure over Turkey’s administration success.
Assessing Compatibility between democracy and Islam is a topic that numerous and prominent individuals ranging from authors, religious leaders, political figures among other important personalities have significantly contributed towards. As purported by Ahmad (2011), most intellectuals, for instance, oriental scholars have over time represented Islamic governed states as static with minimum development. The culmination of the Iranian revolution in 1979 sparked an inquiry into the authoritarian
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